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Going solar involves in-depth study and evaluation of several options. It involves study of investment , savings, government policies, financing options, features of solar panels, operation and maintenance requirements, guarantees, warranties etc.To make the evaluation process easy, we have put together relevant information, knowledge and our experiences into six topics.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels account for about 70% of solar plant cost. Therefore, it becomes important to understand panel features, behavior, quality etc. Our solar panels chapter covers various topics on panels and answers some common questions such as:

  1. What are different types of solar panels?
  2. What is the difference between mono and poly panels?
  3. How long solar panels last?
  4. Best solar panels in the market

Solar Costs and Benefits

Our solar costs and benefits chapter covers cost and solar financing topics that would in turn help us in calculating worth of solar investment. Some of the questions, we answered in our solar costs and benefits chapter are:

  1. Will I save money by going solar?
  2. What is the cost of solar system?
  3. How long does it take to break even on solar?
  4. What is the return on solar power plant investment?

Operation and Maintenance of Solar Plants

Without proper operation and maintenance of solar plants, value out of solar investment is not realized. Our O&M chapter covers O&M needs, practices and benefits of strategic O & M methods. Some of the topics we covered are:

  1. What are the maintenance requirements of solar plants?
  2. What are the options to clean solar power plants?
  3. How does cleaning help solar power plant performance?
  4. O&M best practices

Going Solar

Understanding capacity, area required, and type of solar system(on-grid/off-grid) that suits you is important before going solar . Going solar page covers these and other topics for going solar in detail and will answer your queries on how to shift to solar.

  1. How Solar PV Works?
  2. How many panels do I need?
  3. How much area do I need?
  4. What are on-grid, Off-grid/Hybrid Systems?

Solar Policies and Regulations

Both Central and State governments of India have launched various schemes to incentivise rooftop solar power in India. Our Solar Policies and Regulations chapter covers these schemes, policies, permissions and answers some common questions such as:

  1. What is Net Metering and how it Works?
  2. Central Government incentives for solar power in India?
  3. State wise Rooftop Solar Policies in India?
  4. What are different subsidies available on Solar?

Energy Saving Methods

Energy is precious. Though solar is abundant, using it involves costs. It is imperative to understand options to save energy. Our topics covered in energy saving help you to understand the options.

  1. Energy saving methods in manufacturing plants
  2. How to reduce electricity bills?

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