We provide Total Solar PV Solutions  on rooftops and ground for residential and industrial consumers

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Our Offerings

We design, finance, procure, install and maintain solar power plants for residential, industrial and commercial consumers


We have experience in design of on-grid/off-grid solar systems on various types of roofs and ground.



Various options are available to finance a solar plant that include loans, PPA etc. We get financial products that suit your preferences



We also offer complete procurement service for solar projects and ensure a tab on quality and timelines.



We do the installation of solar power plant with skilled professionals using the best tools.



Strategic maintenance of solar plants yield better return on investment. We offer maintenance service with defined service levels.



We design both on-grid and battery based (off-grid/hybrid) solar systems

We handle the design of plants on ground, metal and concrete roofs.

Designs are done using advanced softwares that include PV SYST for electrical, AUTOCAD and STAAD.Pro for structural designs.


  • Plants that last 25 years
  • Meet and exceed performance expectations
  • Safety during installation and operation
  • Everything at Optimal costs


  • Up-front cash investment
  • Mix of loan and cash

In OPEX/Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model, Customer enters into an agreement with the financer to purchase power at a specified rate for fixed tenure. The rate is at a discount on utility tariff. At the end of the agreement, the plant is transferred to customer.

Benefits offered by each finance option differ from customer to customer. Want to know which finance option suits you the best? Please refer to our blog.

Based on your preferences, we connect you with the right partner from our network of solar financers. We make the process of getting solar finance simpler and easier.



We also offer a complete procurement service for solar projects. Our good relationships with reputed suppliers help us to deliver on quality, prices, and timelines in procurement.

Besides, we have clear processes to ensure quality from solar panels to small MC4 connectors.

We do the installation of solar power plants by engaging skilled professionals and using the best tools.

Lack of professional installation is one of the problems cited by several field studies. Our team has trained installers to use the tools and materials in a professional manner. We invest in training the team to do installations in a technically sound manner.



The best value out of your investment on solar plant is not possible without proper maintenance. We provide maintenance with defined service levels on generation, up-time of the plant and turnaround time.

We also manage warranties of multiple components from different suppliers.

Why Us


We designed and installed a 122kWp solar off-grid power plant for military in the mountains near China border. The project is complex and unique because of the site altitude and the large size of the battery bank used in the project. The site is at an altitude of 14,500 feet from sea level and uses battery bank of 630 kWh.

Successful design and execution of the complex project is a testimony to our capabilities.

Flexible Finance

Our access to financers with focus on the solar sector minimizes the hassle of going through the financing process. As we are a third party to finance, it helps to

  • Suggest right product for your needs.
  • Give long-term view on investment.

Not Locked with Technology

Solar panel features are changing quickly. We are not locked with any technology. We track the changes and adapt to them quickly. It helps us to deliver the best products to our customers.

Comprehensive Support

Our comprehensive support from initial assessment to maintenance makes going solar a hassle free task. Our support after installation in both maintenance and warranty management highlights our aim to be a reliable solar partner.

How We Work with Customers

We design, finance, procure, install and maintain solar power plants for industrial and commercial consumers.


After submission of the feasibility assessment request, a member of our design team visits your site for data collection (electricity bills and site parameters). Based on the data, the design team models the site in software for technical and commercial assessment. A complete report with different panel options is provided to you.


Based on your choices, a commercial offer with service details and timelines is provided.


After finalization of offer, our team assists you to connect with the right solar partner based on your needs. At the same time, the necessary approvals to install a solar plant will be obtained.

Design and Installation

A detailed engineering analysis of the plant will be done. Document for the same will be shared for reference throughout the life of the plant. Procurement and installation are done in line with the designs and timelines.


The plant will be monitored continuously to check the need for preventive and corrective actions. Reports of plant performance and warranty details will be provided periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar PV plant requires heavy investment. Is it worth investing in solar?

Solar plant is CAPEX intensive. However, payback periods and Return on Investments are attractive. Payback periods are generally 3-4 years and RoIs are in the high 20’s. This is one of the reasons for doubling of solar installations by the industrial consumers in the last 3 years.

Can solar run heavy machines in my facility?

Solar plants are two types – on-grid and off-grid/hybrid (Read about type of solar plants). Industries prefer on-grid systems as they cost lower. On-grid systems run in tandem with grid supply. If solar is not able to supply, the grid compensates it and vice versa.

What is Net-Metering and how would it help?

Generation from solar plant depends on solar radiation. The generation can be more than the requirement some times and less at others. Grid balances the variability. When solar generates less, grid supplies the gap and vice versa. Net consumption is metered and billed by your utility. This metering process is called net-metering.

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