What is The Life of Solar Panels in India?

May 11, 2019 | Going Solar, Solar Panels

One of the important factors while choosing solar for your business or home is the life of solar panels. The life span of panels is important as return on investment depends on it. Longer life gives a better return on investment. Let us explore:

1. What is the average life of solar panels?
2. What affects the life of solar panels?
3. How to increase the life of solar panels?

 What is The Average Life Span of Solar Panels?

Solar panel manufacturers after several tests and studies provide product warranties of 10-25 years and performance warranties of 25 years. Though the nominal life is 25 years, solar panels service life is generally more than that. For example, some of the panels installed by companies like Sun Power, Kyocera and Panasonic are operating over 40 years with good performance.

 Several factors dictate the service life of a solar panel. One of them is panel quality. Quality of materials is relevant when mentioned about the expectation of life. If life expectancy is high (more than 35 years), premium quality materials, manufacturing, and installation are needed. If life expectancy is low (about 25 years), materials with low specifications serve the purpose.

 Solar Panel Life based on Panel Quality

Name of CompanyPanel Quality Rating Product Warranty Period (in Years)Nominal Life (Years)Service Life* (Years)
SunpowerPremium25 2535+
REC GroupPro202525+
Q CellsPro122525+
JA SolarPro122525+

 What Factors Affect The Life of Solar Panels?

Life of solar panels depend on several factors.

Environmental ConditionsNot Controllable
Quality of Materials and ManufacturerControllable
Design, Installation and Maintenance PracticeControllable
Accidental DamagesManageable

Solar panel consists of solar cells, connections between cells, the laminate of solar cells (EVA laminate), glass, aluminum frame, back sheet, and a junction box. Over the lifespan, Solar panels are exposed to harsh environments such as strong winds, heat, cold, humidity, hails and snow in some places. The harsh environment affects solar panel components and in-turn affects generation. 

The degradation of solar panel output is natural and largely unavoidable due to environmental conditions. We can select the life to withstand environmental factors by careful selection of solar panels during the installation stage. 

Professional designers and installers help to get the expected life through designs based on sound technical concepts, right handling of equipment in transport and installation. Effect on life due to accidental damage can be managed through insurances.

How Can I Improve The Life of My Solar Panels?

The maintenance cost of solar panels is low as they have less movable parts. Some Golden Rules to improve the life of your solar panels are: 

1. Clean the solar panels regularly depending on the dust accumulation on the panels.
2. Keep solar panels clear of debris, vegetation etc. 
3. Prevent animals and rodents to create their nests.
4. Remote monitoring and preventive checks to identify failures and act early.
5. Keep spares strategically. 
6. Getting the designs and installations by professionals. 

Want to Know More?

Selecting the best solar panel is very critical as there are numerous solar panels with varying efficiencies, cost, and lifespans. For a free solar quotation, contact the expert team at Prodah Solutions.

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Looking for comprehensive proposal with the Warranties, Different Solar Panels, Costs and Benefits.