To be a world class energy company that develops and/or markets state of the art technologies to provide reliable energy at lower costs with minimum impact on the environment.


To be a reliable Solar PV Power Plant developer for Industrial & Commercial consumers with a portfolio of 5,000 MW by 2022.



We promise what is feasible and deliver on the same. We show the accountability with customers, partners and with-in.

Customer Focus

We thrive on customer success. Customer concerns and preferences shape our advisory, products, services and support.


We communicate, understand and collaborate with each other to deliver value to our customers.


We strive to achieve excellence in our products, services and the support we provide. We set high standards for excellence and aim to exceed them. We are passionate about innovation and quality.


Safety procedure shall be adhered to in designs, at work place and installation sites.

Our Journey


In 2016, Prodah Solutions was established to add value to solar customers fromthe know-how of complex solar panel behaviour and other components in a solar plant.


Our knowledge earned us trust from customers to award technically challenging projects.

One of our customers trusted us to design & Install a 122 kWp off-grid solar power plant for military. The project is one of its kinds as the site is at an altitude of 14,500 feet from sea level. Very few projects are installed at that altitude and solar plant components are not manufactured for that altitude.

Trust to handle the technically challenging project is a testimony to our technical knowledge and design capability.


Our work ethic and attitude helped to deliver projects quickly.

Our speedy delivery and professionalism in installation of a 155 kWp on-grid solar power plant at CPCL, Nagore was commended by the client. The professionalism was maintained in pressing situations during the end of financial year.


Our scientific vigour, value we deliver to customers and approaches we follow convinced our financial partners.

Central bank of India partnered with us to finance projects. A NBFC and an international development agency have also agreed to support us on OPEX projects.

At the same time, we noted varied concerns from various customers to invest in solar. Their concerns are rooted in capital intensive new technologies. Knowledge to solve the concerns is a sweet spot for us. It resulted in our Integrated Solutions.

Faith by stakeholders, Solutions for customer concerns, and passion to accelerate marketing of new technologies for betterment of environment gave us a mission.

We challenged ourselves to develop 5,000 MW durable and high performing solar plants for industrial and commercial consumers in 4 years.

Our Value Proposition

Design and delivery of plants that are durable and meet performance expectations


Life-time maintenance support



Finance products that suit customer preferences


Comprehensive warranties

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  • It is always a challenge to select best solar panels and other components for a project as panel features are improving continuously and there are hundreds of models of varied quality in the market. As we have the ability to track and understand the changes, we help customer to pick components that last more than 25 years with good performance characteristics at optimal costs.
  • We are also committed to give lifetime support in the form of maintenance and management of warranties. This makes operation and maintenance of solar PV power plant a hassle-free task for our customers.
  • In addition, we facilitate finance through our partners. This helps access to finance. As we are a third party to finance, we help customers to get a long-term view on plant designs and performance.


To deliver the value proposition, we have people from premium institutes such as TERI school of advanced studies, IIT’s and IIM’s.To support our people, we have technology tools and processes in place.

Our team is headed by an IIT Delhi Alumni, Sudhakar

Over a career span of 10 years, Sudhakar strived to enhance knowledge on clean energy technologies, applications, energy efficiency improvement methods, regulations and market information. He put the knowledge into use while working with energy clients from Japan, Europe and the US at Evalueserve. He also worked as a Senior Engineer in the R&D department of Fibcom India Ltd.

He is an avid reader about emerging clean energy technologies, policies and market information. He puts them into services and solutions of Prodah Solutions.

By education, Sudhakar has Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering from KL University, Vijayawada. He pursued Masters in Energy Studies from IIT Delhi. He also has PG Diploma in Energy Management from Adani Institute, Ahmedabad.

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