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Reduce burden of high energy bills with solar. Estimate solar capacity, investment and savings for your home or business.

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Considering solar and looking for help in decision making? We provide free remote assessment and consultancy to go solar.

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Going solar involves evaluation on solar investment, benefits, panel options, and maintenance etc. Our solar resources section helps you in the process.

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Total Solar PV Solutions

Prodah Solutions is a reliable solar partner with services from conceptual stage to life time maintenance of a solar plant. We offer:

  • Free Feasibility Assessment
  • Expertise Designs
  • Flexible Finances
  • Procurement and Installation
  • Life Time Maintenance Support
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Total Solar PV Solutions Means

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Our Total Solutions

  • Minimize effort to search partners for various services
  • Make asset installation and maintenance easy

Hassle free Finance

Our finance options and methods

  • Reduce hassles of getting finance
  • Get products that suit your need

Value for Investment

Our expertise design and life time support result in more value for money through

  • Plants that last longer
  • Plants that perform
  • Plants that are safe

Peace of Mind

Our design, installation and life time support give peace of mind as we have

  • Design experience on complex projects
  • Professional service teams
  • Committed service levels

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Our Blog

CAPEX and OPEX/PPA are two options available to finance solar plants. What are these models and which model suit you. Read in this blog.

This article describes various types of solar panels like mono, poly, thin film, 72 cell, 144 cell etc. and will help you decide what suits you the best.

This article describes how to calculate payback period, the factors it depends on, and provides a separate easy chart for household and industrial consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar PV plant requires heavy investment. Is it worth investing in solar?

Solar plant is CAPEX intensive. However, payback periods and Retrun on Investments are attractive. Payback periods are generally 3-4 years and RoIs are in the high 20’s. This is one of the reasons for doubling of solar installations by industrial consumers in the past 3 years.

Can solar run heavy machines in my facility?

Solar plants are two types – on-grid and off-grid/hybrid (Read about type of solar plants). Industries prefer on-grid systems as they cost lower. On-grid systems run in tandem with grid supply. If solar is not able to supply, grid compensates it and vice versa.

What is net-metering and how would it help?

Generation from solar plant depends on solar radiation. The generation could be more than requirement some times and vice versa. Grid balances the variability. When solar generates less, grid supplies the gap and vice versa. Net consumption is metered and billed by your utility. The metering process is called net-metering.